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founded in 2022

MM Infra was founded in 2022 by Mr. Munilakshmaiah, a subsidiary of Tirumala electricals(Class 1 grade registered by Govt of Karnataka).  With numerous state governments, local governments, and civic organizations, it has been designated as an “A Grade” contractor, and this designation gives it a high success rate of selection in the pre-qualification stage of projects.

CEO & Founder

We are adamant that India will advance as a significant economic force in the world by creating world-class infrastructure. As one of Bangalore’s top infrastructure development firms, we understand that MM Infra has a duty to continue India’s remarkable growth trajectory. We are a rising company, Residential autonomous sorts of buildings in Bangalore, exempting houses Villas Apartments, Commercial Buildings, and office spaces. From the ground up, we handle the entire construction process, including successfully handing over the finished structure to the client. Many beneficial practices will also be implemented starting from day one and continuing through the completion of the building.

About Our Company

The business is committed to broadening its scope by carrying out numerous similar projects in the upcoming years and diversifying into new geographic areas, clientele, and infrastructure industries. In order to construct a better planet, we are experts in building mega-structures, creating recognizable landmarks, advancing revolutionary technologies in water management, and renewable energy, and constructing the innovation. As a technology-driven business, MM Infra believes in acquiring cutting-edge construction machinery and supporting it with knowledgeable and devoted personnel.

The company’s motto, “Quality, Precision, and Excellence,” is synonymous with these concepts in the field of civil engineering and construction. We all share the same goal of becoming market leaders in our respective industries through the provision of creative, cost-effective, and superior services. We think that overall quality leadership, an empowered staff, collaboration, and happy customers make this feasible.

To deliver best possible service in the construction business by handling each job with the highest level of workmanship and create a culture of safety with the goal of reducing accidents, incidence, severity, and
rate until there are none at all.

To achieve excellence in the timely completion of value-added projects and to become the clients’ first choice for business.

Why Choose Us?

We can adapt to unanticipated problems quickly and effectively because of our experience, scalability, and plant equipment, giving you the assurance that everything will be taken care of on your project.

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

To finish projects on schedule, under budget, and to the maximum satisfaction of the client, the team takes great care to work closely and intricately with clients.

More Reliability

More Reliability

In this sense, MM Infra has a wealth of experience in the building industry and has established itself as one of Bangalore’s most significant construction firms.

Quality Work

Quality Work

Our work is our ornament that we present to show who we are and what we have to offer.

Expert Architect

Expert Architect

Quality Designs Come from Experts, and We draft the best designs for our customers.

Strong Security

Strong Security

Your safety is our first priority. The buildings constructed by MM Infra are completely made of high-quality raw materials. No need to worry about security.

Quality Support

Quality Support

Be it budget, timeline, quality, or anything else you will get full support from us till the completion of the project.

About Construction

Taking on a construction project is a difficult task. Construction projects need to be prepared for external issues like weather restrictions, pricing volatility, temporary contractors, etc. in addition to internal factors like process delays. On various levels, each of these can affect how the project develops. The responsibility for preventing these constraints and ensuring successful project execution rests with the project manager.


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