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Fabrication, which includes a variety of techniques and materials like metal, laminates, wood, and other solid surface materials, is the process of creating an item from a variety of parts.

The operations involved can include stamping, welding, cutting, bending, and assembling procedures, which are frequently utilized in relation to metal fabrication.

Fabrication can be done manually, just like other manufacturing processes, but nowadays, it’s more common to automate the process using computer-aided designs (CAD) that can be programmed into CNC technologies that can speak directly to machines on the shop floor, cutting lead times, costs, and material usage while increasing accuracy and quality.

The fabrication process usually results in the creation of smaller metal structures that can be joined to form bigger metal structures out of produced materials like steel. Making parts for products like motors, pieces of machinery, tools, and home appliances is another aspect of fabrication.

Instead of just putting something together, fabrication creates something from scratch using raw or semi-finished materials. A fabrication shop, often known as a “fab shop,” normally completes this work and will submit a bid for the task based on engineering drawings and specifications.

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